Call for Papers

In the Sixth Northern Regional Social Science Congress on “Intellectual History and Changing Realities: India in 21st Century” we welcome paper submissions from researchers, practitioners, academicians and students. The Congress will cover myriad tracks in the fields of Social Sciences, including:

Ancient Indian Concepts and Contemporary Global Views
  1. Dharma, Duty and Moral Dilemmas
  2. Purushartha and Objective of Life
  3. Dialogic Hermeneutics and Samvada
  4. Intellectual Discourse on Cultural Transformation in India
  5. Indian Civilization and Global Response
Understanding Indian Society: The Literary Lens
  1. Ethics and Ethos in Indian Literature
  2. Nature and Indian Literature
  3. Indian Literature from Far Away
  4. Women and Literary Imagination in India
  5. Women, Dalit Contemporary Literature Discourse
Indian Political and Economic Thought in Global Context
  1. Ancient Indian Political Economy
  2. Ancient Entrepreneurship Traditions
  3. Political Economic Thoughts in Modern India
  4. India in the Global Context over the last Five Centuries
  5. Challenges of the Contemporary Indian Economy
  6. Idea of Raj Dharma
  7. Philosophy of Non-Violence
  8. Tradition of Democracy
  9. Changing Meaning of Rastra
  10. Social Inclusion
Indian Philosophy from Adi Shakaracharya to Swami Vivekananda
  1. Pre Shankara Indian Philosophy
  2. Philosophy of Shankara and 21st Century
  3. Vedanta and Bhakti Andolana
  4. Navya- Nyaya Language and Methodology
  5. Bhakti and Other Systems of Vedanata Philosophy
  6. Vivekananda, Aurobindo and their Relevance
  7. Contemporary Reading of Indian Philosophy
Intellectual Tradition among Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Caste
  1. Existing Anthropological Studies on Tribes
  2. Tradition, Cultural Practices and Performances as way of Life
  3. Cosmological World Views among Indigenous Communities
  4. Ethical Concepts and their Relevance in Everyday Life
  5. Social Exclusion, Inclusion and Globalization
  6. Problem of Alienation and Way Forward
Locational Analysis and Cultural Identities in India
  1. Complexity in Cultural Identity
  2. Historical Analysis of Location and Cultural Identities
  3. Importance of Places and Cultural Unity
  4. Emergence of New Locations and Complexities of Cultural Identities in 21st Century
Sustaining Indian Culture: The Role of Diaspora
  1. History of Intellectual Discourse on Diaspora- Cultural and Civilization
  2. Sustaining Indian Culture Issue and Challenges in New Diaspora
  3. Sustaining Idea, Culture Issue and Challenges in Old Diaspora
  4. Role of Academic, Government and Non-Government Organization in India to promote a Sustaining Indian Culture in Diaspora
  5. Role and Challenges of Diaspora Organization in Sustaining Indian Culture
Relevance of Social Science, Social value and Education
  1. New Paradigm in Social Sciences
  2. Disciplines and Synthesis
  3. Merging Imaginations and Transdisciplinarily
  4. Morality and Social Value in Education
  5. Changing Realities and Social Science Today

Important Dates

Abstract : 25 December 2018
Acceptance of Abstracts: 25 December 2018
Full Paper Submission: 30 December 2018
Conference Dates: 18-20 January 2019

1. Paper submission: send your papers on and

Organized by

Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi
Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Udaipur


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